1 Contoh Essay Bahasa Inggris Untuk Beasiswa


Seringkali essay bahasa inggris sering dibutuhkan berbagai keperluan, salah satunya untuk keperluan beasiswa.

Namun seperti yang kita ketahui membuat essay bukanlah hal yang mudah, apalagi essay bahasa inggris.

Untuk itu sebagai referensi pembuatan essaymu, di dalam artikel ini terdapat contoh essay bahasa inggris untuk beasiswa 

semoga contoh ini bisa sedikit memberikan gambaran pembuatan essay dalam bahasa inggrismu. sehingga dapat membantu untuk mendaftar beasiswa, baik di dalam maupun luar negeri.

Langsung saja 

Berikut Contoh Essay Bahasa Inggris

Essay 1

My name is Alan Alami. I was born and raised in a simple family. The income of the father is uncertain, who works as a farmer. While the mother is just an ordinary housewife. However, my mother still tried to help my father by selling basic necessities at our home kiosk, even though the results were not much, at least enough to meet their daily needs. I have two younger siblings who are still in school. Of course it costs quite a lot for that. However, this did not dampen my enthusiasm for pursuing the highest possible education.

In Palu, I didn't want to burden my parents too much with having to pay a boarding fee every month, so I stayed at the Abu Ubaidah mosque, which Alhamdulillah, there is no monthly payment burden or it's free.

I took a bachelor's degree (S1) at IAIN Palu, to be precise, majoring in Sharia Economic Law, Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Economics in the fourth semester. After graduating, I aspire to be an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur, where I want to have my own business and employ people who have the potential and have an expertise but cannot apply these advantages due to the lack of employment opportunities in the modern era now, so that I can reduce the current unemployment rate.

Therefore, I do not only focus on the academic field, but actively participate in several organizations. Both internal and external campus organizations. Internally, I was quite active in the Campus Da'wah Institute (LDK) Jundullah IAIN Palu and served as general secretary. Here I learned a lot about secretarial in an organization. Meanwhile, externally on campus, I was quite active in the Indonesian Muslim Student Action Unit (KAMMI) Komsat IAIN and served as a member of the public policy staff. I learned a lot about management in an organization. Not only that, I also often take action in raising funds for victims of natural disasters such as in Garut, raising funds for Muslims in Syria, doing social services in the hamlet of Wintu, Kelurahan Layana Indah. In addition, I am also active in RISMA (Islamic Youth Mosque) Abu Ubaidah, Kabonena village and always participate in the activities carried out. Such as teaching the Koran, sermons, holding PHBI (Islamic Celebrations) and many more.

I really hope that I will be able to receive a scholarship from Bank Indonesia and be able to join GenBI. And I feel that I deserve to be considered for this scholarship. It was a surprise, because apart from being active in the organization, I also have several achievements, such as being a champion at a Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur'an (MTQ) event at the district level in the Fahmil Qur'an branch. Also has some expertise in sports and arts. Among them, soccer, sepak takraw, futsal and calligraphy.

If later I am selected to be one of the recipients of a Bank Indonesia scholarship and become a member of GenBI, I will dedicate myself and give my best to GenBI and Bank Indonesia by actively participating in all activities carried out by GenBI.

My future plans are that if I have received a scholarship from Bank Indonesia, I will use the scholarship as best I can. And most of all, I want to lighten the burden on my parents, by using them to fulfill daily needs, pay semester tuition fees, buy books and lecture media which of course is for the sake of the education sector that is being pursued to realize my dream.

Thus this motivation letter was made, in order to fulfill the requirements of the Bank Indonesia scholarship and hopefully I can join as one of the recipients.

Nah sobat jurusankuliah.net, bagaimana contoh essay bahasa inggris nya? semoga dapat memberikan gambaran dan bisa jadi referensi bagus untuk essay bahasa inggrismu ya.


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